Saturday, January 26, 2013

*yawn* Pro Bowl Weekend

Why does the Pro Bowl even exist? It's an all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii for millionaire football players. The fans vote for the players they think are the best, but many times, the first-stringers don't even go. (Even when he's NOT in a Super Bowl, Tom Brady opts not to play well with others.) Some don't go because of injuries; others decline the trip because they're preparing for the big game next Sunday. Those who DO go.take it easy on each other, practically playing flag football. Playing real defense is an unwritten no-no in the Pro Bowl. It's a good time for players across the league to relax, play some golf, and have fun with their friends on other teams, but that's not at all entertaining for the fans. Why not just give guys that week off? Let them do what they want to do where they want to do it? Because Goodell is all about making money, and somehow, I guess the Pro Bowl makes money.

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