Monday, January 7, 2013

Ravens Fans - Baltimore vs. Indy

When I first moved to Denver from Baltimore, I was despondent that I'd have no one to watch games with. Steve and I had been THE place for our group of friends to gather every game day to drink, eat, and holler as our Ravens stomped their way towards victory or limped their way to (a rare) defeat. We were prepared to buy the NFL Network package when I discovered the Baltimore Ravens in Colorado Meet-Up group. Throughout last season and this season, we've formed special bonds with the fans and with Choppers, our game day bar.

Yesterday's game against the Colts brought out a large crowd to Choppers. My friends saved "my" seat (front and center at the bar) since I was running late because they knew that it was important to have someone as charismatic, energetic, and crazy as me leading the room in cheers. (Which I did until my voice was hoarse.)

Here are some pictures of the crazy gang losing their minds with joy as the team and the fans at M&T Bank Stadium gave Ray Lewis the send-off of a life time.

"Official" photo slide show from the Meet-Up event.
  • See if you can spot me in several of the pictures! (Hint: I'm wearing my Ravens "uniform.")
  • The dark-haired woman on the right of photo #3 is our "Mama Bird" Nicci, the organizer of the group.
  • Yes, that is one of our female fans' Ravens-print underpants.
 One of our female fans shows off her Ravens-themed manicure

"Play Like A Raven" wrist band. Very helpful for identifying which beer is yours.

Bill and Kristen with their easily-identifiable beers

Even our stuffed animal cheerleaders like to drink during games!

We'll be tailgating at Mile High Stadium prior to Saturday's showdown against the Broncos. If you're in the area, you should come hang out with us. We need to be United in Purple!!

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