Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A HAIR-raising Accusation

Apparently, there have been several Ray Lewis-related "scandals" brewing this week as the media craps itself like little fangirls meeting one of the cast members of Dr. Who. Stupid questions are being tossed around, and sadly, most players are answering them with straight faces. (No, Dennis Pitta, that is NOT a "good question.") (BTW: #5 and #6 are my favorite dumb questions.)

One of the smaller big stories about Ray is that he wore spray-on hair to a press conference. I can't even comment any further on this because it's too ridiculous for words.

The bigger "controversy" is that Ray-Ray used deer antler spray (WTF?! That's a thing?!) as a way to heal his torn tricep quicker. The spray contains a chemical that's on the list of substances banned by the NFL for being performance enhancing, hence the controversy. I doubt that Ray would put his career and legacy in jeopardy by using something as stupid-sounding as "deer antler spray," and Shawn hypothesized that the two stories above are being "leaked by someone in the 49ers organization to distract everyone before the game." He might not be wrong.

There were other questions Ray had to answer and smile through and bullshit his way through, but that's just part of Media Day, as I understand it. I'm sure everyone will be a lot happier when everyone just shuts up and plays football.

Special blog shout-out: Brittany Rants about Football wrote this great post summing up the Ravens' 2012 season using gifs. I love it, so check it out.

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