Monday, July 30, 2012


My coworker is talking with another friend about high school memories. She had a teacher named "Mr. Lewis," and I keep thinking she's talking about Ray Lewis. I need to learn to stop eavesdropping & missing the context of things.

Friday, July 27, 2012

It's A Brand New Ray

Ray Lewis showed up to training camp at the lightest weight he's been in years. Will it help him fight against faster tight ends and running backs?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's in A Name?

Would Troy Palomalu, by any other name, still be as sweet? ...maybe not...

Yes, you read that correctly: Troy Hatebreed Devilfood. Shawn is special.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Blog Quirks

To the 1000s of people from Reddit who stopped by to visit this new blog, THANKS! God bless Reddit and its users ability to enjoy random, stupid humor like mine.

I downloaded a Blogger app for my Droid 3, but it would appear that when I update this blog directly from the app, the formatting doesn't let you click on the picture to enlarge, thus rendering much of Ray and Troy's conversation unreadable. (If Shawn is one of the people writing, it's EXTRA unreadable!) Apologies for this, and I'll play around with some things to see if I can't fix the problem. Worst case, for the few entries that are wonky, I'll post the dialogue below the picture. :)

Thanks again for your patronage, and please keep sharing! Shawn and I try to amuse ourselves as often as possible, this should be updated every couple of days with new shenanigans.


Advice for the Rookies

Coach Harbaugh told Ray that he's a little tough on the rookies, so Ray went to Troy for advice on how to be nicer. But is Ray back to his old habits?!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trouble in the Mile High City

Ray and Troy are worried about all the Broncos players being arrested lately. How to stop the crime spree?


Troy: Mr. Lewis, what is going on with the Broncos' LBs? Fake pee and aggravated assault charges?
Ray: MAN, TROY! I'VE BEEN WONDERING THE SAME THING! As you know, I used to run with a "bad crowd" when I was younger. I think the young guys today lack positive role models to keep them on the Right Path.
End Scene

Fan Loyalty

Who's your Favorite Muppet?

While it's a well-known fact that Ray Lewis loves the Muppets, it appears that he's not quite comfortable enough in his masculinity to sing The Muppet Show theme song correctly.

Father's Day

*CAMEO: Antonio Cromartie Joke*

From One Veteran to Another...

Ray gives Troy advice on how to be an effective leader of the younger Steelers players.

Also, Shawn needs a new dry-erase marker.

Troy's Greatest Fear

I wonder if Mr. Lewis will use this information against Troy during the upcoming season?

A Tribute to Queen

Ray Lewis and Troy take some liberties with the lyrics to "We Are the Champions."

Memorial Day Celebrations

Troy is quite the philanthropist.


Troy tries to take his bromance with Ray to the next level. (Read Troy first)

Knock Knock....

Mr. Lewis shows off his sense of humor.

Oh, Ed Reed....

Ed Reed is an excellent football player and will probably be inducted immediately into the Football Hall of Fame. However, I am sick of his drama queen antics about wanting more money. (This is how a team shows a top player "respect," which is ridiculous.) Frankly, I think that if Ed doesn't show up to the mandatory training camp in a few weeks, the Ravens need to penalize him in someway. This is getting ridiculous and is just a distraction too close to the pre-season.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lewis!

Ray tells Troy how he usually celebrates his birthday.


Ray's Not Yelling; He's Speaking from the Diaphragm

Shawn: "Why is Ray being so sarcastic to Troy?!" 

Me: "He's not! He's being genuine, opening himself up to and deepening his relationship with Troy. GAWD! You're so cynical!"

What a Lovely Day for a Picnic

I like when Shawn and I take turns writing the questions and answers. It's interesting to see what the other person comes up with.

Terrible Towels & Corporate Sponsorship

Ravens fans (and probably other fans in the NFL) hate those damn "Terrible" towels.

Who is the Better Quarterback?

Troy and Ray discuss their respective QBs. (Read Troy first)

How It All Began

Shawn added a response to Ray Lewis's opinion about who the "best" team in the NFL was. I decided that Ray & Troy Palomalu should have conversations on Shawn's board. This...could be fun. :)