Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Blog Quirks

To the 1000s of people from Reddit who stopped by to visit this new blog, THANKS! God bless Reddit and its users ability to enjoy random, stupid humor like mine.

I downloaded a Blogger app for my Droid 3, but it would appear that when I update this blog directly from the app, the formatting doesn't let you click on the picture to enlarge, thus rendering much of Ray and Troy's conversation unreadable. (If Shawn is one of the people writing, it's EXTRA unreadable!) Apologies for this, and I'll play around with some things to see if I can't fix the problem. Worst case, for the few entries that are wonky, I'll post the dialogue below the picture. :)

Thanks again for your patronage, and please keep sharing! Shawn and I try to amuse ourselves as often as possible, this should be updated every couple of days with new shenanigans.


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