Friday, January 25, 2013

Murder was the Case That They Gave Him

Quick link about the 5 Common Misconceptions about Ray Lewis' Murder Trial.

I was originally going to write an opus trying to explain what Ray Lewis meant to the city of Baltimore, but I decided against it. People who live outside the city, people who truly believe that Ray is nothing but a murderer who got a get-out-of-jail-free card, and people who think he's "overrated" (which is, in my opinion, ridiculous) would barely skim the entry and say that I'm just another rabid Ravens fan. I've drunk the Kool-Aid too many times. I'm making excuses for a man who played a key part in robbing citizens of their lives. Perhaps that's all true; perhaps I'm just more willing to give someone a second chance who has proved over and over and over again that he understands what he did wrong and has tried to atone for that sin every second of the day, not for publicity reasons, but because he wants to make it right.

When I posted the link on my Facebook page, this is the blurb I included with it:

"I'm SO SICK of people (mostly non-Ravens fans) going on and on about Ray being a "murderer." Our country doesn't believe in rehabilitation obviously, and everyone seems to overlook the ENORMOUS amount of good that Ray has done for his colleagues in the NFL and for the citizens of Baltimore City. He's not doing it as part of a plea deal or a way to get back into everyone's good graces; he's doing it because he grew up, realized the horrible mistakes he made and the horrible consequences of those mistakes, and became a better man because of it."

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