Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shut Up.

Much can be said about the Cleveland Browns, most of which I've already ranted about in this blog. However, they were lucky enough to play against the Steelers' third-string quarterback Charlie "Cluster-F" Batch last Sunday, so they were able to eke out a win. (20-14) I couldn't talk *too* much shit, as I hadn't watched their game OR ours, due to my being in an awesome play. Luckily, our colleague Jan, the lonely Browns fan in our midst, was able to step up and cheer (for once).

School name and Shawn's last name blacked-out to protect the innocent. ;p

Shawn and I discussed the Steelers' chances of making the playoffs. Here's Shawn's take:

"Our season isn't over just yet. At 6-6 we actually are in control of one of the wild card spots. Winning out against Bmore, Cincy, Cleveland, and Dallas has us in the playoffs. If we can do so AND get some of our guys back healthy, we will be as dangerous as anyone in the playoffs."(edited for capitalization)

And here's my take:

"I always forget how the stupid wildcard spots work. Usually around this point in the season, everyone's all 'If the Steelers beat this team and that team loses to this other team and the moon is in alignment with Aquarius after Lindsay Lohan has her third DUI in three weeks, then the Steelers will get to be the wild card in the AFC and play at this stadium. HOWEVER, if the Steelers beat this team, and that team WINS against this other team and I forget to tie my shoes on Monday morning because my dog had to go to the bathroom, then the Steelers will fall into a dark abyss in the middle of their last game, much like they did in that Batman movie.' The statistics and math in sports is some of the most ridiculous, confusing stuff I have to deal with as a fan."

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