Tuesday, November 6, 2012

James's Opus


James: "Gentlemen, It is my sincere hope that on this, the day of election in our great nation, we can set aside our differences and find common ground. We can cast aside the miniscule abnormalities that have come to set us against each other in a battle of spirit, determination, and wits. We can forgo the unnecessary shackles of Red, Blue, Purple, and Gold to join as one voice. One voice that clearly declares Rex Ryan as the most overrated coach in the league! Thank you, my dear sirs. Thank you."

Shawn is out of control.

I am tickled pink that James finally had his moment to shine. As I wait to cast my first ballot as a Coloradan, a tear comes to my eye thinking about how James is trying to unite ALL parties - Republican, Democrat, Ravens fans, and Steelers fans.

I think we can also ALL agree - even Jets fans - that Rex Ryan needs to STFU and get his QBs to actually learn how to win games.

Also, this is what James's speech reminds me of:

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