Friday, November 30, 2012

Shawn's Despair

As you ALL know, the second Ravens-Steelers game is this Sunday. I'll be at my usual sports bar, screaming like a mad woman and wearing my uniform. Shawn prefers to stay at home watching NFL Network in his home office because "Steelers fans are fucking awful people."

He and I just finished a conversation about how he can't get excited for the game because Big Ben won't be playing, and that means they're stuck with Charlie Batch. (The decision apparently has nothing to do with the possibility of Ben being stabbed to death by his own dislocated rib, but rather because his arm strength isn't yet up to par.) Because of the travesty that was their performance in the game against the Browns, dreamy enemy head coach Mike Tomlin has benched Rashard Mendenhall and Mike Wallace. This is especially bad news bears for Wallace, as he's been angling for "Larry Fitzgerald money" all season. I somehow doubt he'll get his desired raise.

I suggested to Shawn the one way to enjoy the game was to switch allegiances and cheer for the Ravens. "How can I enjoy a game like that?" he asked. "What joy could I take in defeating an old, broken group of players?" "Just do what the rest of Ravens fans do," I sang as I skipped away from his office. "Take whatever you can get and focus on that W on your record!"

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