Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Fix an Offense on the Cheap

It's really nice of Troy to be so concerned about the Ravens' offensive line issues leading up to the start of the season. Ray, as always, is staying positive that the Ravens will get their problems solved in time for the big day. Honestly, I'm a little more worried about our defense! Losing T-Sizzle to the PUP list and having a secondary that makes me cringe could make the Ravens' D look less dominant than it has in a decade. And do NOT get me started on our special teams unit!!

The Steelers, meanwhile, are dealing with issues of their own. Contract problems, sloppy pre-season playing, and the injury Troy is referencing are also adding a little drama to Pittsburgh's talk radio shows.

T.O. is once again out of a job. As an empathetic person, I feel badly for him. After all, he's got a LOT of baby mamas to support and very little income. Maybe he can get a good job on a reality show or something. You don't need talent to get one of those these days.

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