Thursday, August 30, 2012

Morale Boosting in the Dean's Suite

Tracy is our HR liaison in the dean's office. To maintain a semblance of privacy, facilities put up this cubicle wall by her desk and gave her a white board so she could write notes or leave messages about her comings and goings. My boss Lyndsey thought that using the white board for drawing little pictures was a better use of its services. Soon the drawings grew too elaborate for one small board. (We had a very creative mountain scene with skiers being rescued from avalanches and a Sasquatch; the drawing prior to this one was of mythical creatures ranging from a chupacabra throwing a person off a cliff to a mermaid to the Loch Ness monster to the aforementioned Bigfoot.) Citing "team morale" as a financial justification for my $6 purchase using company funds, I purchased Tracy's cubicle wall a larger white board. The first drawing was of Hogwarts, as Lyndsey is a big Harry Potter fan, but this two-board drawing of football players soon replaced it.

Originally, the drawing was of Peyton Manning (#18) passing to an unnamed offensive player while a red player wearing the #7 (John Elway) got ready to tackle his opponent. However, I pointed out that the number 7 is NOT an acceptable jersey number for a defensive player. Only quarterbacks, kickers, and punters are eligible to wear such a low number. This caused a lively debate between me and the HR Director, Kevin, who seemed to enjoy how riled up the issue made me. When I came in this morning, ALL of the players were wearing Elway's I changed all the numbers to those my favorite Ravens players wear. You'll see Joe Flacco (#5) passing to Anquan Boldin (#81) while defensive players Ray Lewis (#52), Terrell Suggs (#55, miraculously healed from his Achilles heel surgery), and Ed Reed (#20) prepare to tackle the veteran wide receiver. Needless to say, Kevin had a good laugh and then changed all the numbers back again.

I even snuck in a little Tebow burn while I was at it.

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