Monday, October 8, 2012

Michael Vick Needs Better Insurance

Troy played for the first time this season against the Philadelphia Eagles. He had a calf injury which kept him sullenly on the sidelines. Shawn was very excited to have him back, as the Steelers, before this game, were an improbable 1-2. Also returning to the world of hard hits was James Harrison, a man that Shawn and I agree is a terrible human being with no soul, no conscience, and an uncanny ability to destroy other human beings with merciless accuracy. It's obvious that Michael Vick's offensive line apparently hates him. (I'm having difficulty finding statistics on the number of times he's been sacked/knocked down so far this year, so here's a .gif of Ziggy Hood doing a dance after destroying poor Michael during Sunday's game.) The fact that Michael Vick isn't dead, in traction, or seriously mentally damaged is a large miracle.

Unfortunately, Troy injured his calf again during the game; it's uncertain when he'll be able to return. :(

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