Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Broncos Fans Celebrate Shawn's Misery

The day after the Steelers lost to the Broncos in prime time to a national office, my boss Lyndsey, who has season tickets to the Broncos games, donated this "terrible towel" to Shawn, presumably to wipe his tears away, although she donated it without comment.

Shawn was mysteriously absent from work on Monday, claiming later that he had a "doctor's appointment" that day. Instead of going the usual Steelers fan route and making excuses for why his team lost - suggested excuses were the absence of James Harrison and Ryan Clark, and "Mike Wallace is a punk" - Shawn admitted that the Broncos' defense had out-played the Steelers' offense. After some ribbing for his "reasonableness," however, Shawn pointed out that "it's easy to be reasonable when we had 7 starters out with injuries and still pushed the game to the end."

Also, just a note to make Shawn publicly accountable for holding up his end of the bet, he owes Marshall $5.

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