Friday, September 7, 2012

Purple Fridays & Steelers Nation

Today is the first official Purple Friday of the year. For those who don't know, Purple Friday is when all Ravens fans dress in work-appropriate purple or in their Ravens jerseys/gear to get pumped up for Sunday's (or in this case, Monday's) game. Victories over the weekend usually result in a "Purple Monday" as well.

I was genuinely curious as to whether or not Steelers fans had a similar tradition. (Do any other NFL team's fans do similar things?) Ray got to ask Troy the question before I did. Troy's response was diplomatic yet honest, I think.

Our reactions to Ray's revelation at the end:

Shawn: "I don't think Ray Lewis should be trying to turn people purple!"
Me: "Ray is trying to eradicate racism, Shawn!"
Shawn: *skeptical look*
Me: "If everyone is PURPLE, Shawn, then everyone's the same color, which means no one can discriminate against someone for their skin color...ok, this is just silly."

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