Friday, December 7, 2012

Faster Than A Locomotive!

Everybody loves Robert Griffin, III. He's cute, he likes Subway sandwiches, he's got great hair, and he's a threat (for a rookie, mind you) both throwing and running. He's the kind of quarterback Redskins fans have been waiting DECADES for.

There's supposedly a rivalry between Baltimore and Washington because of our proximity to one another. Anytime our baseball or football teams play each other, all you hear about is the great "Battle of the Beltway." Really though, I don't think most Ravens fans consider the Skins true competition. Hell, the Orioles and Nationals were only rivals to see who in the area could have the worse record until last year when both teams became inexplicably good. But everyone loves a rivalry, one-sided or not, so we'll let Skins fans have this one.

Ravens fans are naturally freaked out this game. We want to lock up the AFC North, and we DEFINITELY don't want to lose to a rookie. Despite his optimism in our last entry, Ray isn't going to be back on the field for this game, and Sizzle is out as well, possibly for the rest of the season, depending upon whether or not he needs surgery. Our defense is down to a few banged-up vets and third-stringers getting their big breaks.

We'll have to see how THE BATTLE OF THE BELTWAY plays out on Sunday

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