Monday, April 29, 2013

Whomp Goes the Tebow

So in news that shocked NO ONE, Tim Tebow has been released by the New York Jets. Of course, ESPN, your leader in All-Things-Tebow-News, has been having rage-induced orgasms over the story all day, despite the fact that there are several other important things going on in the world of sports. (More on that in another blog entry to be posted later today.)

When the Jets first purchased (for lack of a better word) the divisive player, many of the saner NFL fans asked, "Why?" The Jets kept talking about how Mark Sanchez had their undying loyalty, yet they brought on a quarterback who, even though he wasn't really that great at all, had spent his rookie year going to a playoff game and turning around a floundering team that didn't think they'd see the light of day, much less a post-season. I figured it was just another way for Coach Fatty to keep the spotlight on him and keep the Jets relevant. Tim obviously wanted to go to Florida to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars so he could be closer to his family and probably so he wouldn't have to deal with the batshittery that the team in New Jersey would bring to his life. But no. No one likes Tim Tebow, so off to New York he went.

So far, it doesn't seem that any teams have expressed interest in him. I wonder if he'll continue in the NFL as an overpaid back-up, or if he'll "retire" and move on to do motivation speaking gigs about The Lord across the country?

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