Monday, February 11, 2013

The Future of RvT

Shawn and I have been discussing for several weeks what to do with the blog now that Ray Lewis is officially retired. While he'll no longer be playing for the Ravens, he'll obviously still remain close to the players and personnel in the organization, and he'll stay in the national spotlight as a commentator for ESPN. It'll be weird to watch the Ravens defend the championship next year without him.

On the flip side, Troy is getting older too, and is hurt more often than not it seems. We haven't heard any rumors of him leaving, but the Steelers are over their salary cap (so far) for 2013, and he could be one of the veterans let go to make way for younger, cheaper players.

Shawn thinks we should retire the blog. It wouldn't be the same without the two-veteran dynamic. Who would we have replace Ray Lewis?! Little Ray would help us keep the blog's name intact, but he's not much of a shit-talker; he's about as nice as Troy is, but since he's younger, he's cockier. We could use T-Sizzle, who would have the same sort of energy that Ray brought to the blog, but it's less believable that he and Troy would "hang out" outside of games.

I'm so attached to this blog though! We've only had it going for a year, and I feel like it still hasn't reached its full potential. Then again.......

The Ravens won the Super Bowl. Ray Lewis was able to retire from the NFL in style and in victory. Perhaps this blog's story has come full circle? Maybe instead of focusing on the Steelers and the Ravens, Shawn and I could do topical conversations with various NFL players and coaches?

If anyone has any ideas, I'd sure love to hear them. I'll fill the rest of this week catching up on Super Bowl pics and news. (The Ravens group's celebration was featured in both local alt weekly Westword and on 9 News!) After that......


  1. I think you should retire Lewis and have conversations between various players and coaches. Howevever, you know Lewis will still be active in the NFL business, so if you had him above the board with his own input about certain situations, it would be lovely. In my humble opinion of course

    1. I like the idea of having Ray comment every now and then from "off"/above the board as a separate person. Perhaps by opening the conversations to other NFL players and coaches, the blog could be more relevant to more football fans.

      Thanks for the opinion!